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What Are Branded Keywords and Why Do They Matter?

For years, keywords have formed the bedrock of any sound digital marketing strategy. Indeed, despite the many innovations in SEO and PPC (pay-per click advertising) techniques –– not to mention more than a few Google algorithm updates –– keyword research still plays a vital role in creating an effective marketing campaign. Why? Simply because consumers still use keywords all the time to search for products, services, and information online. With that in mind, today we’ll take a look at the role branded keywords play within a marketing strategy. 

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The Ultimate PPC Audit Guide

Conducting a proper PPC audit is essential for businesses that use platforms like Google Ads. Successful PPC advertising depends on making adjustments and eliminating internal mistakes to achieve the highest possible ROI. The benefits of a PPC audit could include: 

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Are Bing Ads Worth it?

Google, like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s before it, is the undisputed king of its marketplace. To no one’s surprise, Google is the most widely-used search engine on the planet, and in the US, Google searches account for over 60% of all search-engine queries. Yet, businesses may find profitable opportunities advertising on alternative search engines such as Bing. Are Bing Ads worth it? In short, yes, Bing Ads do offer certain advantages to Google Ads, and companies that rely on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising can use the platform to expand their reach. However, it’s generally unwise to use Bing Ads without also using Google. We’ll explain why below:

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The 3 Best Places to Advertise Online for Your Business

No one should ever want to own a business that’s the “best-kept secret” in any field. Though that phrase might have a positive connotation for some, business owners need to recognize that exposure from advertising is a key element to business growth. Indeed, while it’s fantastic to develop leads through organic methods, informational resources, and word-of-mouth reviews, few companies experience a significant breakthrough without making some savvy digital advertising choices. To that end, here are the three best places to advertise online:

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Digital Advertising Payment: CPC, CPA, CPM Defined and Explained

Everyone loves a deal. In fact, there are few things more rewarding than getting a business purchase just right –– and knowing you’ve managed to save money in the process. However, since most business transactions are more nuanced than the average consumer purchase, figuring out which payment plan is best for your company is often more complex than simply comparing and contrasting prices. This is definitely the case with paid digital advertising. Indeed, CPC, CPA, CPM, and all “cost-per” payment plans offer business owners different options –– though no one method is objectively superior to the others. The truth is, business owners need to take many factors into account to determine the ideal advertising strategy for their company. And to explain it all a bit further and help you decide which type of advertising you should pursue, here’s a quick look at CPC, CPA, and CPM advertising, with some pros and cons associated with each.

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4 Benefits of Advertising on Social Media

There’s no debate among professional marketers that every business needs a strong social-media presence. Indeed, most companies regularly post on at least one social-media channel. And social media is undoubtedly a great way for a company to establish its brand, reach out to new leads, promote content, and engage with customers. But, you probably already knew that.

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Determining How Much To Spend on Google AdWords: 3 Influential Factors

It’s never a wise decision to begin any new venture without first doing your homework. And we can’t blame business owners for wondering how much they should spend on Google AdWords and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Unfortunately, there’s no “magic number” that guarantees a maximum return on investment with online advertising. Like most business expenses, everything is relative. After all, some massive companies spend $50 million annually on PPC advertising –– while other small operations spend less than $1,000 per month. So while there may not be a uniform answer to the question of optimal Google AdWords spend, there are ways you can determine what’s a good starting point for your business. Here are three factors that should influence your decision-making on PPC ad-spend:

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3 PPC Lead Generation Techniques that Will Blow Your Mind

There’s an unfortunate misconception surrounding pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Many professionals seem to think that unless you spend exorbitant amounts of money on PPC campaigns, they won’t make much of an impact for your business. It’s understandable to a degree why business owners might think this way. After all, how much you spend on PPC advertisements will affect their visibility. However, the truth is you don’t have to splash the cash to make sound PPC decisions. Indeed, progressive companies are able to use PPC advertising to effectively draw in leads and customers at a cost-efficient rate. To that end, we’re here to explore three PPC lead generation techniques that will help you create better, more efficient, and ultimately productive PPC ad campaigns:

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4 Signs Your Business Needs PPC Management Services

Running a successful business is a multi-layered operation that requires entrepreneurs to possess a number of skills that are both related –– and unrelated –– to their industry of choice. By that, we mean that it takes more than an effective product or service to create a thriving company. Modern business owners need to understand not only how to create a compelling product, but also how to market, advertise, and sell that product. Otherwise, no matter how excellent your service, you’ll likely struggle to gain any traction in your field. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on Pay-per-click advertising –– one of the most popular, but least understood –– methods of modern marketing. Indeed, if you’ve been running PPC campaigns for years but aren’t seeing the results you want, chances are you could benefit from outsourced PPC management services. Here are four signs it’s time to bring in a professional.

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