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Are You Using All 5 of These Retargeting Best Practices?

Before exploring retargeting best practices, let’s quickly recap what’s involved in this highly effective, yet often misapplied inbound marketing strategy

Retargeting -- which is sometimes referred to as remarketing -- automatically pushes targeted ads to specific prospects based on their previous interactions or behaviors, such as browsing web pages, watching videos, downloading ebooks, and so on. The purpose is to re-engage these prospects and pull them back into the customer journey. (For a more detailed look at retargeting, read our blog post.) 

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Is Facebook Retargeting Right For My Business?

Facebook’s latest earning report announced that the social media monolith's ad revenues skyrocketed 45% in the last year to $4.3 billion. This has left thousands if not millions of businesses like yours asking: “Is Facebook retargeting right for my business?” 

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How Retargeting Compliments Inbound Marketing

Retargeting (a.k.a. remarketing) is an extremely effective strategy that involves reaching out and routing specific content or messages to customers, based on information gleaned from previous interactions. The goal is to bring them back into the fold and re-engage them vs. lose them to the competition. 

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Remarketing Can Help With Website Attraction

Online marketing is a great and necessary investment, but so is your website.

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