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5 Benefits a PPC Consultant Will Bring To Your Business

Lots of businesses these days are utilizing pay per click (PPC) campaigns within their broader search engine marketing strategy. However, few know how to really get the most from their PPC efforts. Indeed, successfully managing a PPC account requires a deep understanding of target markets, keyword usage, conversion tracking, and landing page optimization. However, that doesn’t cover everything you need to know in order to maximize the impact of a PPC campaign. The best PPC managers appreciate that to get the best results, they need to know their client inside and out –– as well as their competition. While plenty of small business owners would love to get more from their PPC efforts, not many have the skills or the time to improve their campaigns. That’s why it’s essential to identify the perfect PPC consultant to assist your business. If you do, you’ll soon be reaping these five significant benefits and advantages:

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Does Your Business Need to Hire a PPC Agency?

Small business owners are constantly on the lookout for competitive advantages. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is one of the most fashionable and effective marketing methods companies use to reach new heights (on Google and otherwise). But what’s the best way to utilize PPC for your business? Should you attempt to run your campaign in-house or should you even adopt PPC for your search engine marketing strategy in the first place? Today we’ll look at a few of those questions and explain what a PPC agency can do for your company:

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6 Great AdWords Bid Strategy Tips

Before we talk about AdWords bid strategy, there’s a curious thing about Google AdWords that we should unravel first: advertisers seem to really love them…or really hate them.

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AdWords: 4 Killer Low Cost Per Click Tips

Businesses in just about every kind of industry and sector imaginable -- and a few that aren’t that easy to imagine -- use AdWords to reach new customers, and with good reason: when designed properly and integrated in a marketing campaign, AdWords can be remarkably effective.

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How AdWords Quality Score and Ad Rank are Calculated

There are a few fundamentally important calculations on the business landscape, such as break-even, cost-benefit, ROI, and as far as advertisers that play the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) game are concerned: how AdWords quality score and ad rank are calculated.

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3 Tips on How to Find the Right Keywords for SEO Success

A long time ago, back when SEO consultants roamed and ruled the earth, businesses that boldly dared to explore the keyword research landscape quickly discovered that it wasn’t remotely user-friendly. Reliable advice was hard to come by, and tools were costly and complex. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Well, sorta.

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AdWords Suspended? Here’s What to Do

It’s the digital marketing world’s equivalent of walking outside in the morning to drive to work – only to find that where your car used to be is now just an empty space, and perhaps a few shards of glass left behind by thieves who didn’t have “broom clean garage and driveway” on their car theft punch list.

Yes, we’re talking about getting your AdWords suspended. So much for Google’s mantra of “don’t be evil”, huh?

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5 Things to Look for in a PPC Consultant

With no disrespect to either side: PPC consultants are in some ways like lawyers.

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What’s the Difference Between CPA vs. CPC?

Confused about the difference between CPA vs. CPC? Don’t worry – we’ll clear the air and give you the acronym awareness you need.

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Is Pay Per Click Effective?

If you happen to own some Google stock, then you might be surprised that we’re even asking the question “is pay per click effective?” Some estimates peg Google’s AdWords revenue haul at a cool $100 million per day. And that’s just Google. Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are all enjoying plenty of ROI. So yeah, if you’re on that side of the fence, asking “is pay per click effective?” is about as pointless as asking “is water wet?”  

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