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Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts: Which is Best?

For years, organic reach on Facebook has been declining. In the past, companies could’ve reasonably expected to reach over 15% of their base with an organic post. Now, they’d be fortunate to achieve over 5%. This isn’t exactly, news, though. Businesses have experienced falling organic post engagement rates for years. It’s just reached the point now that many companies feel compelled to advertise on Facebook in order to garner positive impressions. There are two basic ways to advertise on Facebook: through traditional ads or by boosting posts. But which is better? In the Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts debate, which provides greater value? 

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The Pros & Cons of Viral Marketing Techniques

Struggling to engage with consumers on social media is incredibly frustrating for business owners. Unfortunately, many businesses create content and advertisements that don’t resonate with their target audience. Still, it doesn’t make much sense to pursue a social-media strategy that fails to reach qualified leads. Given those facts, it’s hardly surprising that many businesses are beginning to introduce viral marketing techniques within their own campaigns. After all, effective viral marketing content boasts the potential to generate a huge number of impressions and inspire a surge in conversions and sales. But is there a downside to “going viral”? Here we’ll examine the pros and cons of viral marketing for small businesses and explain why it doesn’t always make sense.

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Facebook Ad Not Approved? Here’s What to Do

Advertising on social media –– and on Facebook in particular –– is a great tactic for businesses looking to boost their presence online, generate more digital leads, and make more sales. However, setting up, managing, and indeed, just getting Facebook ads approved is a complex process that requires patience, skill, and practice. If you’ve recently had an ad or set of ads rejected by Facebook, then you know exactly how frustrating this experience can be. Fortunately, we’re here to help. This is what you should do if Facebook rejects your ad:

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How to Use LinkedIn for Business Development

When business owners think about using social media to promote marketing content and build professional connections, LinkedIn tends to be overlooked. For whatever reason, most pros will first consider Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram to launch their marketing campaigns and try out new tactics. However, leveraging some of LinkedIn’s unique features can help entrepreneurs grow their business in a significant way. To that end, today we’ll explain how you can use LinkedIn for business development:

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5 Tips to Build Awesome Social Media Campaigns for Your Business

Across the internet, social media campaigns run the gamut from inspiring to downright dreadful. Indeed, no business can afford to ignore their social media efforts or to put them on the backburner. In many instances, how your social media team crafts content and interacts with customers will have a direct influence on your company’s reputation. As such, if you’re currently running bland, boring, cookie-cutter social media campaigns, then –– odds are –– plenty of people are going to think your business is also bland, boring, and cookie-cutter. Fortunately, you can avoid this and instead create social media campaigns that provide massive benefits for your business. Here are five tips you can use to get started:

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3 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

It’s a familiar scenario: a business invests significantly in its social media profile — which may include hiring a full-time social media maestro/maven and buying some advanced (and expensive) software — and instead of being overrun by enthusiastic customers who eagerly anticipate their next post, tweet, article, infographic or video, all they hear are virtual crickets. What’s the deal?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Your Small Business on Social Media

Whether your small business sells smartphone accessories to consumers, advisory services to corporations, or anything else in virtually every industry, sector, field or marketplace, this much is true: you absolutely need a social media footprint.

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3 Outstanding Real-World Social Media Campaign Ideas

Whether a business sells professional services to engineers or laptops to hard core gamers, the fact is that having a social media presence and profile is mandatory. But that’s not where the must-haves end. 

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The Pros and Cons of Facebook Advertising

Way back in 2007 when Facebook announced that it was entering the online advertising game, it was greeted with mixed reviews – and some flat out derision. Indeed, Gawker went as far to include Facebook ads on its list of the “Top 5 Fails of 2007” (in case you’re curious, the other 4 were:  Apple TV, Googlephone, DRM free music, and the Tesla Roadster).

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What is SMO?

Before looking at what is SMO (a.k.a. social media optimization), let’s take a step back and highlight something that every business needs to know -- especially those that incorrectly believe that social media isn’t a big deal, or that it’s a trend or fad that will fizzle out sooner or later.

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