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Clutch.co: Leap Clixx is a Top Missouri B2B Company in Advertising and Marketing!

As a results-oriented inbound marketing agency, Leap Clixx has consistently delivered game-changing marketing strategies built around our clients’ goals. 

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7 B2C Marketing Strategies that Will Deliver Results

In some ways, it’s never been easier for businesses to connect with consumers. Given the multitude of marketing strategies at their disposal, companies can engage with their customer base through a myriad of platforms and techniques. Yet, because business owners have so many options to choose from –– and because consumers are constantly bombarded with ads and marketing content –– making a genuine impression is often more difficult than it first appears. In order to help B2C business owners truly connect with important leads, today we’ve isolated seven B2C marketing strategies that are sure to deliver results. Check them out here:

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5 Bad SEO Practices to Avoid in 2019

Not every SEO strategy produces beneficial results. Though professionals may not realize it, certain SEO tactics can actually harm their website’s performance and ranking on search engines. These bad SEO practices may seem like easy ways to skirt the system or cut corners, but in reality they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Today we’ll explore the dark side of SEO and highlight five decisions that could cost your business:

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What are the Disadvantages of Digital Marketing?

At Leap Clixx, we obviously believe in digital marketing. After all, it’s how we make a living! So when potential clients ask about the disadvantages of digital marketing campaigns, it’s tempting to say that there aren’t any. Yet, as with any product or service, digital marketing isn’t infallible. Professional marketers make mistakes all the time, and some digital marketing practices can backfire stupendously. Today, we’ll explore three possible drawbacks to digital marketing, but also offer why we think it’s vital all the same:

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How to Form a Long Term Marketing Strategy

Many businesses operate on a short-term basis. Everything from their marketing strategy, to their sales tactics, to their general goals revolve around the concept of instant reaction. And while businesses certainly have to survive in the interim before they can plan for the future, it’s unwise to attempt to grow without first forming a long term marketing strategy. Indeed, though it’s more difficult now to create overarching marketing strategies, business owners can –– and should –– look for persistent solutions to iterative issues. Here then are three tips you can use to flesh out a long term strategy for your operation:

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What is Page Authority?

Business professionals love to quantify performance. And they should. After all, if you can’t measure, collate, examine, and calculate how effective your business efforts are, then you’ll never know how to improve them in the future. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that there are several ways to judge a website’s ability to rank on search engines. One of the most commonly used metrics is Moz’s domain authority, which takes a number of factors into account to develop a ranking score for websites. By contrast, fewer professionals know and use the lesser-publicized page authority score. What is page authority? In brief, it’s a measurement of an individual page’s capacity to rank on search engines. Here we’ll explain the difference between domain authority and page authority, and explore a few ways you can work to improve both:

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5 Tips to Build Awesome Social Media Campaigns for Your Business

Across the internet, social media campaigns run the gamut from inspiring to downright dreadful. Indeed, no business can afford to ignore their social media efforts or to put them on the backburner. In many instances, how your social media team crafts content and interacts with customers will have a direct influence on your company’s reputation. As such, if you’re currently running bland, boring, cookie-cutter social media campaigns, then –– odds are –– plenty of people are going to think your business is also bland, boring, and cookie-cutter. Fortunately, you can avoid this and instead create social media campaigns that provide massive benefits for your business. Here are five tips you can use to get started:

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Digital Advertising Payment: CPC, CPA, CPM Defined and Explained

Everyone loves a deal. In fact, there are few things more rewarding than getting a business purchase just right –– and knowing you’ve managed to save money in the process. However, since most business transactions are more nuanced than the average consumer purchase, figuring out which payment plan is best for your company is often more complex than simply comparing and contrasting prices. This is definitely the case with paid digital advertising. Indeed, CPC, CPA, CPM, and all “cost-per” payment plans offer business owners different options –– though no one method is objectively superior to the others. The truth is, business owners need to take many factors into account to determine the ideal advertising strategy for their company. And to explain it all a bit further and help you decide which type of advertising you should pursue, here’s a quick look at CPC, CPA, and CPM advertising, with some pros and cons associated with each.

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Value Proposition Examples: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In order to be successful in business you’ve got to stand out. You need to bring something to the table that no one else can, and –– most importantly –– you have to tell people about it. Developing the most effective product or service on the market won’t do your company any good if you’re unable to accurately convey why your leads should do business with you. That’s one reason why many businesses are beginning to prominently feature value propositions on their websites –– even on their homepages in some instances. A value proposition is a brief statement that sums up (1) how a product solves a problem, (2) the benefits that product provides, and (3) why that product is superior to the competition. Striking the right balance in a value proposition can be difficult, though. Write content that’s overly detailed you’ll lose your readers’ attention; write something too broad and your reader won’t understand what your product does. Here then are a few value proposition examples that run the gamut –– so you can see how to form one that works for your company:

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3 Steps to Developing an Effective Marketing Research Approach

Starting a new company from scratch or moving an established company into a new market represents both a great challenge and opportunity for business owners. Unsurprisingly, the first hurdle any new business faces when moving into uncharted territory is that of conducting market research. After all, you wouldn’t plan a trip without first deciding on a route, budget, and destination; nor should you play fast and loose with your marketing strategies. Here then are three steps every business owner should look to follow when forming a marketing research approach:

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