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What Is SEO And What Are SEOs?

Posted on Jul 11, 2013 5:00:00 AM by Chans Weber

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what-is-seo-and-what-are-seosSome might wonder what an SEO does or what it means, sometimes SEOs wonder the same thing. The simple answer is that an SEO optimizes your website to make it appear higher in the search engine page results or SERPs. If you didn't just figure it out SEO stands for search engine optimization, therefore as an SEO we are the optimizers. With that said what do the best of the best say are the most important search ranking factors for now and in the future? Moz, formally known as SEOmoz has released a preview of some of the data from their search ranking factors survey they produce every year or two. This year Moz surveyed 120 SEOs on various ranking factors.

Links Still Rule

The SEOs agreed that at least for now, links still rule when it comes to search engine optimization. They also agreed that social metrics are only 7% of the Google algorithm. When you actually add up all of the ranking factors, link metrics make up about 40%, onsite content/keywords make up 25% and domain factors make up approximately 13%.

The Future of SEO

Links might rule for now, but not so fast. The same set of 120 SEOs stated that in the not so near future links will not matter as much to the overall Google algorithm. SEOs believe that there will be more weight put on perceived user value, authorship, structured data, and you guessed it social signals. They say you can expect to see factors such as paid links, exact match domains, and anchor text start to matter less and less.

SEO Experts

Now you know what an SEO does, what SEO means and you might understand a little bit more about how an SEOs job and strategy is ever changing. It is very important for a SEO to stay ahead of the curve, understand the changes and trends as they are happening if not before they happen. With Google changing it's algorithm on a constant basis, it's our job as SEOs to keep up with those changes, which is why we are called experts. If you want your website to rank higher in the SERPs, contact one of our experts at Leap Clixx today.